At Escape Room Mol, your safety and that of our employee’s is our number one priority. We have different initiatives to guarantee your safety, the most important ones are:

– We have a inspected and certified fire alarm system with fire and smoke detectors throughout the building and inside the escape rooms.
– Every escape room has it’s own emergency button, which can be used at any time to exit the room immediately by unlocking the door.
– We have several fire extinguishers throughout the building.
– We have safety lighting throughout the building in case of emergency.
– All electric locks will release in case of emergency. There’s not a single door that will stay locked if an emergency strikes.
– There’s constant surveillance by our employee’s via camera’s and microphones inside the escape room.
– We always have at least one employee monitoring the game.
– There are multiple exit routes and emergency exits available.

These (and other) precautions ensure that you can try to escape from our rooms with your mind and heart at ease.

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